Thursday, 6 March 2008

20 years of JSCF!

I suppose most readers of this blog may know this publication.

"The Journal of Supercritical Fluids" is like a bedside book when you are doing some research in the field.

The Journal of Supercritical Fluids is an international journal devoted to the fundamental and applied aspects of supercritical fluids and processes. Its aim is to provide a focused platform for academic and industrial researchers to report their findings and to have ready access to the advances in this rapidly growing field. Its coverage is multidisciplinary and includes both basic and applied topics.

Its publication begun in 1988 with a single issue in the whole year and six articles. Nowadays they produce twelve issues per year with fifteen articles in each.

That gives an idea of how supercritical fluids technologies are rising and the extend of its application. More over, other scientific publications are full of articles with supercritical fluids, such as "Journal of Agricultural Food and Chemistry" or "International Journal of Food Science and Technology".

It's not a coincidence that both cited publication are related with "food". It's in fact in the field of nutrition where supercritical fluid technologies are finding one market niche. Production of preservatives, food additives, aromas and other interesting products for alimentary industry by means of a "high tech process" are favored by legislation (against organic solvents) and the appeal of natural products produced with green technologies (Another publication that has to do with supercritical fluids, "Green Chemistry" wich is celebrating its ten years).

Other important applications for supercritical fluids are cosmetics and pharmaceutical products, and the list is expanding as quickly as the technology is getting affordable and better known.

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