Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Celebrating the tenth year of the Green Chemistry journal

Green Chemistry is the utilisation of a set of principles that reduces or eliminates the use or generation of hazardous substances in the design, manufacture and application of chemical products.

Since Paul Anastas and John Warner established the
12 principles of "Green chemistry"[1] lot of changes have taken place.
But this "new" is to talk about the tenth anniversary of the journal.
In fact, that was in January, but we didn't had our BLOG then.
You can download their EDITORIAL here.

Nowadays, green chemistry, sustainable development and related concepts are daily used, normally in the same sentence as greenhouse effect or global warming, and debates, summits and conferences are organised...

but, are we advancing toward the solution?

1- Green Chemistry: Theory and Practice, P. T. Anastas and J. C. Warner, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1998.

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