Friday, 1 April 2011

SCF Thesis Awards!

Any student having defended a Ph.D. thesis before 31 December 2010 is invited to apply for thesis Award, granted by the International Society for the Advancement of Supercritical Fluids, by submitting his (her) work to the I.S.A.S.F. jury.

The subject of the thesis must be closely related to the practice and/or theory of supercritical fluids (at least half of the work must be directly applicable to supercritical fluids).
A file in English must be submitted to the Society Secretary ( before end of June 2011. It shall include :
  • The thesis title 
  • Detailed Abstract summarizing all the information that may help the jury evaluation (two to three pages with the list of the pertinent publications already published or to be published) 
  • Laboratory and supervisor names and address 
  • Environment description : number of students and supervisors dealing with supercritical fluids in the team where the work was done 
  • Duration of the work (number of months) 
  • Applicant address.
The award will consist in a grant of Euro 800 and be attributed during the Meeting of The Hague (09-13 October 2011). 

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