Monday, 7 February 2011

3 supercriticals years!

3 years ago I started this blog whit the aim of spreading the supercritical fluids technology...

during these 3 years I've participated in several groups with similar purposes...
the flucomp network (Association of Experts in Compressed Fluid; a group of scientists and technologists focused on developing and promoting technologies with supercritical fluids.), and the AFTS (Business Association for the Advancement of Supercritical Technology).

Unfortunately, since last January 5, 2011 I no longer work in IDOKI, and therefore my career and my scientific interests may diverge from the supercritical matters, but I'll try to continue the blog ....

In fact, now I'm working to update the blog...
I'll also try to broaden the subjects... sustainability, green chemistry and so on.

As I said one year ago:
I still waiting some answer or question from readers and hope that sooner or later it would be some.
I would like to thank all the visitor from all around the world and hope to see you back again!
Google analytics stats says: 2,917 visits from 6 continents, 87 countries/territories; 1107 cities.

Thank you for reading!
Your comments are welcome! ;o)

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