Monday, 20 September 2010

IDOKI launches OB/GYN line with two new products

Published September 9, 2010 in BIOBASQUE web page.

The Basque company IDOKI SCF Technologies launches two new products to inaugurate its new gynaecological line. These new products are an intimate hygiene gel and a feminine intimate moisturiser, which are 100% natural, like the rest of the company's products. Thanks to their innovative formulas they are free from chemical ingredients and are formulated with efficiency as their main goal.

These products are presented as a novelty in pharmacy, since no other brand has produced a product line with a similar formulation. IDOKI formulates all its products using extracts obtained through supercritical fluid technology, being the base for all the laboratory work.

IDOKI, located at the Bizkaia Technology Park, manufactures products based on the identification of active principles in natural raw materials. Once these target compounds are selected, IDOKI outlines the technological process to extract them from top quality raw materials, purify them and incorporate them in standard or new formulations.

In the case of these new products, propolis is one of the main ingredients in the intimate hygiene gel, which has been included in this formula because of its effect against Candida albicans, Gardnerella vaginalis and Escherichia coli, micro-organisms that frequently affect feminine intimate areas.

Additionally, a prebiotic ingredient is present in both formulas, both in the intimate hygiene gel as in the feminine intimate moisturiser. It is a gluco-oligosaccharide obtained from natural sugars through enzymatic synthesis, stimulating the growth of beneficial skin flora, balancing and strengthening the skin's ecosystem, which is the first barrier against external aggressions.

IDOKI counts on the analytical chemistry and microbiology capacities needed for product analysis and performance evaluation, and develops new products in the industrial, agrifood and galenic fields.

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