Sunday, 7 February 2010

2 years of supercritical stuffs...

This blog was created 2 years ago with the aim of spreading the knowledge on supercritical fluids. At the same time related subjects, such as sustainable development or green chemistry, have also been touched as these themes are close to the supercritical fluids because SFE (supercritical fluid extraction) is a "green chemistry" process.

I've tried to add something at least once a month, but news about supercritical fluids are not very common and I don't want to make this blog too much technical.
I still waiting some answer or question from readers and hope that sooner or later it would be some.

I would like to thank all the visitor from all around the world and hope to see you back again!

Google Analytics says from 07/02/2008 to 07/02/2010: 1605 visits from 675 cities from all around the world!

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